Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gustavo Meets the Old Guard

Today's thought is from "An Incomplete Education" by Judy Jones and William Wilson.

"Gosh, so much has happened over the years. Wars and revolutions, edicts and referendums, dynasties and one-night stands, rebuffs and embraces. You'd think we'd have learned something from the whole business by now; after all, as the turn-of-the-century Harvard philosopher George Santayana admonished, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." But how do you decide whose version of things you are going to buy? Well, you should begin by realizing that there's history, (or more formally, historiography) which is the writing down of everything that ever happened, and then there's the philosophy of history, which attempts to say what, exactly, that act of writing down accomplishes, and/or where eventually, the historical process itself leads; and that most "historians" do one or the other, although some wind up doing both. Beyond that, don't look at us: We've just examined everybody's celebrated account of one or more of the world's great moments and it seems perfectly obvious that everybody's lying."

On that note, the Euro-centric Anaheim Historical Society has invited Gustavo Arellano to speak at the January General Membership meeting, and share his alternative view of Orange County history. It should prove to be a very interesting evening. Y'all might consider attending, the public is invited and admission is FREE.

Tuesday, January 27th at 7 pm

Woelke-Stoffel House (you probably call it the Red Cross House)

419 N. West Street, between Lincoln and Sycamore

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