Friday, January 22, 2010

HSR info from Spokker

Because I believe in giving equal time to all views, I have posted here the info from Spokker the ghost blogger, who thinks I am a NIMBY. He is right, I do not want this in my backyard. But unlike the usual definition of NIMBY I do not want to shove this into anyone else's backyard either. I would like to find a solution that does not disrupt anyone's backyard at all. A naive goal, I know. To that end, I had asked why this could not run down the I-5 where it would not bother anyone, and here is Spokker's answer. I do appreciate that he took the time to look it up. Thank you.

Spokker says;,-117.901985&spn=0.00121,0.00283&z=19

Remember to read the description of the map and remember that it's not 100% accurate due to Google Map's limitations, but I think it paints a pretty good picture overall.

Also, I have looked over the statewide EIR/EIS again and they originally studied four alignments back in the early 2000s.

B1a was the LOSSAN alternative with three tracks.

B1b was the LOSSAN alternative with four tracks.

B2 was the I-5 alternative. There were studying an aerial along the most of the length of the I-5 to Anaheim. In OC it would have followed a frontage road near I-5. A station would have been constructed near the freeway in Anaheim and Norwalk. This one was deemed to be very expensive because of the aerial structures.

B3 was the Pacific Electric right of way. This one would be ideal because it is arrow straight all the way to OC (with a station in Garden Grove). However, it travels through many more residential neighborhoods than the LOSSAN corridor. Many of these neighborhoods are poor, Hispanic communities which would have triggered environmental justice issues. Also, Los Angeles Metro owns this right of way and has plans for possibly light rail on this corridor, which would serve the local residents much better.

B4 was the Union Pacific Santa Ana Branch alignment. This had similar problems that the Pacific Electric right of way had.

As you can see, only the LOSSAN alternatives were carried forward.

All four alignment alternatives were planned to expand further down the coast and into South OC and ultimately San Diego, but unstable coastal bluffs, sensitive habitats and San Juan Capistrano nixed that idea.

Also, I discovered some information about noise. If my research is correct a train horn is 125 db, which is even louder than a high speed train at 110 MPH. In Japan bullet train noise mitigation is an artform as trains travel near residential areas at 186 MPH. Hopefully they can help us out with that issue.


Spokker said...

I guess we just have competing interests. As someone who lives near the corridor, you don't want to see it built. As someone who uses the corridor often (though not as often as I would like, work has dried up since 2008), I want to see improvements. Shrug.

By the way, I wish I were a ghost blogger! Any extra money in this economy would be a Godsend.

colony rabble said...

I actually do not live all that close to the corridor. The sound of the train whistle comes through to my house at times, if I hear the 5:30ish train I know I have overslept, but it is not a big thing. I am on the other side of Anaheim Blvd by Pearson Park. So this does not affect my property values directly, that is not my objection. My objection is that wherever this goes, the people of the communities are fighting it, it is not something that is invited by these communities, but rather something being imposed upon them by others. The conservative freedom lover in me screams with every fiber of my being at the concept that in America today, the vote of an uniformed majority who did not know any details of the plan can force this onto people who had no idea it was coming. (The Alternatives Analysis was released AFTER 1A passed) The fiscal coservative in me is recoiling in horror at the wonky numbers being reviewed by the LAO, and even Pringle has a hard time justifying this load of horse manure during the public hearings in Sacramento. The debate over how a ridership guarantee is any different from a subsidy is ludicrous, and ranks right up there with Clinton's definition of what "IS" is. It is a great idea, a needed idea, that is being badly executed. I would oppose this even if it were not running through my hometown. It is just plain stupid.

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