Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mayor Curt Pringle Endorses Gail Eastman for City Council

This just in from Mayor Pringle;
I am pleased today to announce my endorsement of Gail Eastman for Anaheim City Council. As an Anaheim Planning Commission and co-chair of SOAR, Gail Eastman has already proven that she is a great leader for Anaheim. She was a key leader in the fight to protect the Anaheim Resort, proving her commitment to protecting Anaheim’s fiscal security. She has been an outstanding leader on the Planning Commission, proving her commitment to property rights. She cares passionately for Anaheim, its people, and its community. She embodies public service and is just what we need on the City Council.

Her election to the City Council will give her even greater opportunity to keep Anaheim moving forward, to make neighborhoods a priority, to protect public safety, to provide freedom and opportunity for our residents and businesses, and to bring jobs and prosperity to our city.

Joining with my previous endorsement of Councilman Harry Sidhu for re-election, I am proud to recommend to Anaheim voters that by electing these two candidates to the two Council seats on the ballot this November, we can keep making the kinds of positive changes and progress that will continue to make Anaheim a great city where people can make their dreams come true.

Curt Pringle

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