Sunday, October 5, 2008

Under African Skies

Some friends and I were treated to VIP tickets at the Muzeo Gala Saturday night (huge thanks to the Kabel family) and a fabulous time was had by all! The event was held in that giant, traffic stopping (literally) tent in the middle of Anaheim Blvd, and only design genius Michael Mora could figure out how to turn a landscape median into an enourmous floral arrangement! Wow! Having been on the Museum Board back when we were doing meatballs (Dean Reynolds' meat pellets) and veggie trays in the basement kitchen of the Carnegie, I have to say the City has begun a whole new chapter in supporting the arts!

Food service was glacially slow, but the meal was worth waiting for, and waiting for, and waiting for. Thankfully we had incredible entertainment while waiting, including Timothy Carney (the former US Ambassador to Sudan) a very good jazz band that I cannot recall the name of, and MC Ed Arnold. The highlight of the night was a concert by Ladysmith Black Mambazo (hubby's fave, we are now subjected to Paul Simon's cd over and over and over) Honestly, I have not seen so much money in one place in Anaheim before, much of it new, and much of it from the hills, and all of it for a good cause. I gave up counting, but the live auction raised what I estimate at $60-$70K for Muzeo! I would encourage everyone to go see the new Muzeo exhibit Under African Skies, running from October 4 to January. Ladysmith Black Mumbazo also did a 70 minute concert today, to rave reviews from husband and neighbors.


Chris Jepsen said...

Glad the event went well and didn't get hit with the expected rain.

It's just a shame that the big money couldn't come out and support the place when it was still the Anaheim Museum. I'd like to think that in a town the size of Anaheim there's room for *both* a local history musuem AND a rotating gallery for traveling shows.

BTW, thank your guys for the great "horse doovers" on Friday. And thanks for having us over for the shindig. Sorry we couldn't be there for the whole thing.

colony rabble said...

It was a little surreal, sitting there in the VIP section (seats donated by the Kabel family, God knows I could not afford dinner)and thinking back to the do-it-ourselves receptions when we could barely keep the doors open. I am just grateful the support is coming in. The History Room that we all worked so hard to build is there, and will remain, so if well funded exhibits like Under African Skies brings more people in, and they happen to stop by the History Room, then we all benefit. Without the big money coming out of the hills for these receptions, the whole place would be shuttered, and nobody would see the history exhibit. We take the victories where we can. By the way, I left my beans on your desk, need to get those back and cook em. with the trimmings. Got oak?