Saturday, August 22, 2009

Leadership Hoax and the Real Deal All in the Same Week

The Hoax:
Okay, so the link to Anaheim is a little iffy, but roll with me here. A young film-maker named Daniel-Califf-Glick contacted me with an invite for local history junkies to come see his new film, "The Triumph Of William Henry Harrison", playing Thursday, August 27th at the IndieFest here in Anaheim. His thought was that history nerds tend to love all history, not just local stuff, and I think he's right. Now keep in mind the film is a "mockumentary", based on "conspiracy theories" surrounding the death of Harrison. So the thing is gonna be really amusing, or really bad, there is rarely a middle ground here. But I love the enthusiasm of a young film-maker who pulls out all the stops and calls and emails around to gin up support for his project. So Richard and I are going, and invite others to join us. The theatre is at Downtown Disney (get your parking validated at the theatre, the Mouse values their parking spaces). 7 pm August 27.

For the Real Deal:
In other news that is actually connected to Anaheim, the Chamber of Commerce contract comes up for renewal and negotiation with City Council on Tuesday, August 25, at a meeting that starts at 5 pm sharp. The Chamber has a contract to host special events that promote Anaheim business, and the contract runs fiscal year to year. That makes advance planning difficult for long term goals, which is not an efficient use of resources. They are instead asking for a 3 year contract, which makes much more sense in a tight economy, if anything we do not have to pay for staff reports every year to review a contract that has been great for everyone involved. Todd Ament has brought new life to a Chamber that had been stuffy and innefficient at best, and I would follow them into battle any day under Todd's leadership. The Chamber has elevated events like Taste of Anaheim to new highs, and promoted all sorts of business networking and information programs that include all walks of Anaheim citizens. If you agree, and would like to show support, please attend the Council meeting in Council Chambers, City Hall, 200 S. Anaheim Blvd, at 5 pm. You need not speak if you are not comfortable, at some point someone will ask for a show of support, and you may simply stand to let Council know you support the Chamber's new contract.

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