Friday, August 14, 2009

Events at the GardenWalk

The Anaheim GardenWalk is inviting the public to participate in the Unveiling Ceremony of "Anaheim in Motion: History Comes to Life" on Saturday, August 15, beginning at 6 pm. Anaheim Planning intern Janet Lee, working as an unpaid volunteer (God bless her) has worked miracles, coordinating 20 artists, who worked with hundreds of kids at YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Cops 4 Kids, to create giant murals of Anaheim history and culture. The project, sponsored by the Anaheim Historical Society, Assistance League, and many other non-profits and for-profit businesses, will display the murals as public art for roughly a year, in space generously donated by the Anaheim GardenWalk, in the Anaheim Resort. The family friendly event will include magic shows for the kids, and the best view of the Disneyland fireworks outside of the park itself. The event is FREE and open to the public. GardenWalk is located on Katella, between Anaheim Blvd and Harbor, east of Disneyland.
In other GardenWalk news, Richard and I joined some Colony neighbors last weekend for Julie and Julia, and of course the ONLY civilized venue for a great movie experience is the GardenWalk theatre. The theatre is split into 2 sides, one for families, and a 21 and over space, where the snack stand features beer and wine, which may be imbibed in the theatre. Nice step up from popcorn and overpriced soda, eh? All seats in the theatre are luxury leather "media room" type recliners, and the absence of the under 21 set and their incessant text messaging makes the $11 ticket price a bargain to me and mine! As far as the movie, Julie and Julia was quite possibly the best warm-fuzzy-feel-good we have enjoyed in years! Richard and I both agreed we need to go back and see it again! I double dog dare you to see this movie without feeling fabulous about life afterward, and I especially dare you to see it and not want to cook later! Now if I can just get Richard to stop serving everything in clarified butter before my hips explode.....
For more info on the Shops at GardenWalk or the Theatres, see their website at

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Kevin Kidney said...

Great blog, Cynthia!
Julie and Julia is wonderful, and I wholeheartedly agree after seeing the film the desire to start cooking everything in butter is hard to resist!