Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hobby City at WAND

2 items, entirely unrelated.

The West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Committee (WAND) will hold a meeting at 6:30 pm this Wednesday, to discuss Police and Code Enforcement activity. Special guests are Allan and Yvonne Ansdell, owners of Hobby City, with an update on how they hope to bring back the tourist attraction! The meeting is at the West Anaheim Youth Center, 320 S. Beach Blvd.

Not an Anaheim item, but related to historic preservation, so it caught my attention. The folks in Hawaii hope to put Barack Obama's grandmother's high-rise rental apartment on the National Register, as the birthplace/childhood home of the President. Interesting spin: the National Register folks might actually demand proof that Barack Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, in order to complete that listing. Just saying is all......

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