Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Community Input for Transporation and Police

Our Grand and Glorious Government is offering several opportunities for public input, because, well, they care about us and want to offer us the finest services available. Yeah.

First up are some transportation meetings.
"Monorail To TrafficLand"
Today, Wednesday, July 29, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Room 201, is a presentation on the Fixed Guideway Transit Corridor Study. Before you yawn at the title, think Monorail. The project, which is proposed as an above ground "Fixed Guideway" will transport passengers from the soon-to-be-built ARTIC center at the Stadium to the Platinum Triangle and Anaheim Resort District. Yes, buses are cheaper, but this is so much sexier. And if all those condos get built in the PT when the economy improves, trust me, we will want a way to get above those passenger vehicles sitting in their gridlock. God help us trying to get to a game. Today's events are either 3 to 5 pm, or 6 to 8 pm.

"Uber-Rail Station"
Tomorrow, you can bring your monorail-induced enthusiasm for mass transit to a presentation on ARTIC, the Anaheim Regional Intermodal Transportation Center. This will be Anaheim's answer to Grand Central Station, located at the Anaheim Stadium, where one may now catch the Metrolink or Greyhound. The Register reports that the City has spent $24 million dollars for the design work, so it might be nice for folks to show up and see where the money went. Frankly, for twenty four million bucks the darned thing better produce flying monkeys for entertainment. See it for yourself at the OCTA Headquarters, 600 S. Main Street in Orange, from 5 to 7 pm Thursday.
On a bitter note, it is interesting to see them spending so much for a new glorified train station. This from the government that relocated our historic train station, converting it to a YMCA PreSchool, which has now been listed as a "taking" for the new High Speed Rail project.

"Partner With the Police"
And the other opportunity for public input is a meeting this evening with the Anaheim Police Department at the Downtown Community Center. The meeting is from 7 to 8:30, and is intended to "better address issues brought forward by members of the Colony community". IE: we hear you whining to the Mayor during breakfast at Mimi's. It would be great to see a good turnout tonight. We have been successful in "taking back" the area, but the mentality has become one of complacency, and that relaxed attitude appears to be allowing some of that undesirable element to creep back in. Now before Gustavo gets his Calvins in a twist, by undesirable I mean drug dealing dirtballs and taggers of ANY background. My biggest problem right now is actually a group of skanky white trash scavengers who steal out trash, load it into stolen shopping carts, and then discard of what they do not want by dumping it elsewhere, thereby ensuring that the entire world knows my 20 year old daughter is on the Victoria's Secret mailing list. No, you may not have her phone number. I also have a private theory that the scavengers seem to find the loudest carts to steal, but I have yet to scientifically test that hypothesis. Clatter-clatter-clatter. So come on out to the DTCC on Center Street tonight and let's see what we can do to work with the APD to push back, because it is easier to maintain a better quality of life than to have to take it back entirely. By the way, the contact person for Central Anaheim is Sergaent Alex Orozco, 714-765-3878.

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