Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disney News

While I do not have photos of it, the folks over at the Disney Blog have a fabulous post on Marty Sklar getting his "window" at Disneyland, during the birthday celebration on Friday. Check it out at

I never knew this, but thanks to the newest video on Disneyland, you can get a guide to the Main Street honorary windows by asking at City Hall. The latest video was 4 years in the making, although you'd never know it, the young hostess (and daughter of photographer and producer) does not seem to age. (We should all be so lucky!) Richard and I enjoyed the advance copy we watched, and we learned things about the park that DH and I had not known, and some of my Disney-fan buds had not been aware of. Get your copy of The Secret Tour of Disneyland online. Google it, I cannot get the link to work here.

In other Disney News, Ada Briseno and her gang at Unite Here 11 staged yet another ridiculous public protest over at the Resort. Sadly, the vast majority of the protestors were not actually Disney Cast Members, but were union members bussed in from Los Angeles. Of course they were also joined by Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, an elected official who had no business being there, and a bunch of Episcopal Priests who happened to be in town. Say what?

What's at stake? Essentially Disney wants all their cast members in the same benefits package, which actually increases coverage for things like sick-pay that cast members of Unite Here do not currently get. So why are Ada and company whining? Because they like the status quo of Disney paying THEM to offer coverage for cast members. Looks like the Union is not looking out for their members so much as looking out for themselves.

Now this is still America, and folks have the right to take to the streets to protest anything they want. But as a taxpayer I am interested in who covers the Police hours needed to maintain order at these demonstration Ada keeps staging for the press. Someone needs to remind Galloway that in challenging times that money could be used to keep cops on the streets, instead of keeping cops busy protecting her Union pals from traffic after they choose to step into the street. Tired of the whole thing, Ada and Unite Here need to let their people vote once and for all. Oh did I forget to mention that? Yeah, the last Disney offer was rejected by the Union without even presenting it to members for a vote. Great representation, Ada.

I am not privy to the nuts and bolts of the deal, and I do not work for Disney. I am just tired of seeing the Union clog the streets and disrupt the vacations of folks who come to Anaheim and cover 50% of the City services I enjoy here. Ada, quit whining, and let your people vote so we can all get back to treating our guests to the Happiest Tax Generator on Earth.

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