Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Historian J.J. Friis Lost to a Stroke

James Jesson Friis, son of Anaheim history author and legal-eagle Leo Friis, has passed away after a stroke. J.J. Friis was a long time member of the Orange County Historical Commission, involved in the Native Sons of the Golden West, and ran the Pioneer Press started by his father, to publish Anaheim history books. JJ. had grown up on Clementine Street in what became the Colony District, and was something of a legend. His "larger than life" personna will be missed by all, especially his widow, Harriet. Funeral arrangements are not yet announced.

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Chris Jepsen said...

It's a shame about J.J. He will indeed be missed. I've posted the funeral arrangement on my blog at


(It's in the post from 7-28-2009)