Monday, November 2, 2009

Ignorance, Thy Name is Registered Voter

While only parts of Anaheim are in Assembly District 72, it seems the venom is spewing all over the City, as candidates who appear to have few moral values try to take the seat of someone proven to have no moral values. This is an improvement? Chris Norby appears to be pulling WAY out ahead in both polls and funding, proving once again that voters will overlook a skirt chasing hound dog's wayward activities if it benefits them. Me, I have a hard time trusting a man who cannot keep his promises to his own wife. On the other hand, Ackerman does not appear to be an improvement, as her only campaign strategy appears to be knocking Norby, without ever giving us reasons to vote for her as an option. I have also long been opposed to carpetbagging politicians, I believe you cannot represent an area you are not firmly entrenched in. Nobody but a long time resident understands the unique challenges of a community, and renting an apartment just before an election just does not cut it. Faher appears to be a raging nutcase. I know little of MacMurray, other than that he is a schoolteacher with a website of grammatical errors who is endorsed by Labor Unions who have irritated me lately, so he may not have my vote. Rands is another candidate I know only through a website, and while I agree with her stand on Prop 8 (go ahead and send the angry emails, when we as Christians perfect that whole "love each other" thing, then and only then will be be in a position to dictate "thou shalt not") I do not understand how she plans to create "health care without insurance companies getting in the way".
Come November 17, I may very well sit at home, for the first election of my life. The alternative is a write-in campaign for "None of the Above", forcing a new election, with none of the current candidates permitted to run again. Give us new choices. E-gad, perhaps we should have let Sidhu carpetbag this one.
Oddly enough, while my period-appropriate-yet-useless mailbox is routinely filled with mudslinging garbage, my Mom's little senior community has received NO mailings at all, from either side. I checked, and they are in the District (sometimes hard to tell with the way the gerrymandered boundaries jog back and forth) and they did receive ballots for the Special Election. Yet none of the candidates considered them worthy of glossy colored hit pieces. Had I known they wanted them I would gladly have forfeited mine. Instead, they sent Mom to ask me who to vote for. Now is that about the scariest thing ever? Rather than check out the candidates for themselves, an entire neighborhood of high-propensity voters is counting on mailers to help determine who to vote for. And in the absence of mailers they will now depend on a local activist that many of them have never met before. These are people who would not lend me their cars, but will allow me to influence their most precious rights as Americans. All I can say is, if I have this much of a voice around here, the line to offer me "consulting contracts" begins at the front porch, no appointments before 9 am please. For all others willing to do their homework, here are the websites for the candidates.

John MacMurray, Democrat from La Habra

Linda Ackerman, Carpetbagging Republican from Irvine now Fullerton

Richard Faher, Republican, Placentia Businessman

Chris Norby, Republican, Will chase women from any city, but goes home to his wife in Fullerton (this week at least)

Jane Rands, Green Party, System Engineer from Fullerton


Chris Jepsen said...

I must admit, I'm not following the personalities and politics much on this because I'm out of the district. But your subject heading made me think of a Winston Churchill quote:

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Paul Revere said...

Just curious...

What makes Faher seem to be a 'raging nutcase' to you? His candidate statement seems quite reasonable. A part time legislature and responsible budgets make sense.

Can you let us know what exactly you came across that makes him a 'raging nutcase'. Thank you.

colony rabble said...

Sorry I had not replied earlier, computer issues. Paul Revere, I think Mickadeit summed it up after the debate.

But I do not always agree with Frank (see his fawning over Galloway for reason #1) however, when Wisckol, who usually has a good feel for these things, follows up with Kittygate, I take notice.

Too much smoke in Faher's camp to not be a small fire going somewhere.