Monday, December 22, 2008

Where's the Beef?

During the last few weeks of commuting to Mom's in Placentia, and running errands for her in Yorba Linda and Fullerton, I have become confused. Yes, more than usual. Anaheim brags about how much TOT we take in from the Resort District, and I have been among the most vocal of those braggin, I know. What confuses me is this: the streets, curbs and sidewalks of other north county communities are in substantially better condition than Anaheim. Why? Yes, Yorba Linda is a more affluent community, and Placentia and Fullerton have a more stable economic income base than Anaheim, but their property taxes do not come close to the TOT that Anaheim pulls in. So where does the money go? Why are Fullerton's streets in better shape when their General Fund is nowhere near ours?

Just wondering........