Friday, September 26, 2008

Sheri Vander Dussen at the City of Anaheim's Planning Department has been inviting the locals to attend a meeting on September 29 to review a new housing project for 622 S. Velare. The existing complex, built in 1961 and sold in February 2007 for $4,500,000. will be demolished, and a new complex built in its place. Because the new complex is slated as affordable housing, the density bonuses allow the developer to nearly double to number of units on the property. Local reports tell of a three story building, with a setback variance granted (State Law allows it) so the building will essentially dwarf the single story residences in the area. I have not seen the plans to confirm that report, but I would encourage anyone interested to attend the meeting scheduled for September 29, 2008, at the Magnolia Baptist Church at 720 South Magnolia Avenue. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. City staff and the developer will be available to present the plans for the project and respond to any questions or concerns related to the proposed affordable housing project or any other neighborhood issues.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colony Potluck

The Anaheim Colony Histroic District is hosting our monthly potluck dinner on Thursday September 25, 7 pm to whenever we throw you out. This month's celebration will be at the famed and feared Ward family Money Pit. The place has been under rehab for the 4 years we have been here, and is not remotely finished. I am talking bring your record of tetanus shots not finished. but the old girl is 100 years old this year, and she deserves a party. So grab your hard hat, a covered dish to share, and your favorite beverage. And bring cash, my kid is selling candy for Future Business Leaders of America.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Aye mateys! It be me favorite day of all days today! International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Get yer parrot outta the footlocker and practice yer RRRRs. We know ye have that hint o scoundrel in ye, let it run free today! For extra fun, practice yer piraticalness in the course of yer day. Make that trip to Whole Foods a bit more interestin', ye not be shoppin fer organics today, ye be layin in supplies fer the galley, vittles fer the trip to Tortuga. Don't ferget the rum, me mateys!

Ye olde image o the day is Anaheim Landing, (now Seal Beach) where our vineyardist forefathers landed their swag. To me knowledge thar be no pirate activity thar, but it be water so we’ll use it. Fer help in gettin' yer pirate on, see the websites:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

City Council Precinct Walk for Gail Eastman

Just a reminder that this Saturday, beginning at 9 am, volunteers are needed for a Precinct Walk for Gail Eastman. The vent kicks off at Gail's headquarters, Cypress and Anaheim Blvd in downtown, just north of the City Hall where we want to send her! Wear your most comfortable walking shoes, and be prepared to put in a few hours covering a precinct, talking to voters about why Gail Eastman should be elected to Anaheim City Council. For details contact Kelly Buffa at

Monday, September 15, 2008

Huell Howser's Anaheim

Did you get here from one of the websites shown on Huell Howser? For more information on the Anaheim Historical Society, see the website at This blog is my personal take on my beloved hometown, the views here are mine and mine alone, do not represent those of any non-profit I may be involved with. So please do not get upset with them if you read down to my politics below.

Looking for more Anaheim? Click on the graphic to your left, it is a basic map of historic Anaheim locations that you might use for a tour of the area. It does not cover all three of our historic districts, but it will get you started.

For the ultimate historic Anaheim experience, come to the Anaheim Historical Society’s 2008 Historic Home Tour on October 11 and 12 from 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets are $20 per person, $15 for Anaheim Historical Society members. The ticket center is at Center Street Promenade, where Meghan Shigo hosts her Vintage Marketplace, a street fair of historic preservation vendors, local artists, and non-profit groups. The Home Tour features seven homes including Victorian, bungalows, Mediterranean, and a Pacific Ready Cut kit home! The tour even includes a hard-hat house in process of being restored by two sisters. Get your tickets by downloading the flyer and ticket order form at

If you want to check out the “downtown Anaheim” area seen on the show, you can look for events like street concerts, Farmer’s Market hours, etc. at and check out what is happening at our world-class museum at If you want to do some local history research in the Local History Reading Room, check Jane Newell and her amazing staff can take good care of you there! If you want to do research on Orange County in general, go visit my friends at the Orange County Archives, We will be forever grateful to Anaheim resident and former Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly for reopening the Archives after they were in mothballs for so long!

If you fall in love with the area and decide you would like to live here, we have several local Realtors who can hook you up with a great deal on a vintage home. You met local Realtor and potluck maven Meghan Shigo on the show. Check out the vintage homes she has to offer at Or visit Barbara Gonzalez at Barbara does speak Spanish if that is more comfortable for you. Both of these ladies know all there is to know about living in the Colony, and their specialty is vintage homes.

Love the idea of living in the historic district but think that fixing up an old house is not for you? Our new construction is amazing, and right in the heart of the action. For the live-work lofts seen in Huell’s program, check them out at there are also some rental units in the downtown area, come visit and tour the models. The rentals have been home to the US Volleyball team, while they train in Anaheim! Another great new for-sale development in the area is Colony Park, at

Of course there is the Linbrook Bowling Center, which the Anaheim Historical Society recently recognized as Historically Significant as a Googie style landmark. For more info on Googie architecture, see Chris Jepsen’s and for more on Orange County history in general, I never start my day without checking out Chris’s blog at

I hope you enjoyed the show, it was a delight to work with Huell Howser, and yes, he really is that nice in person! The entire point of doing the show was to tell the world what a great town Anaheim really is, if you need any more information, I am happy to help at

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fab Four, Lisa Zaradich, Last Chance for Huell

Last night dear sweet patient husband and I went to the Fab Four concert at Pearson Park. What a great time! Even though they have played Anaheim before, we did not get a chance to go. So very glad we got tickets for the SOLD OUT concert. The band was great, and it was a special treat to enjoy them in an intimate setting like the historic Greek Amphitheatre in our own Pearson Park. An absolute MUST for next year, get your tickets early and avoid being one of the dissapointed fans begging for tickets out front.
The Colony's Lisa Zaradich reports that she has raised about $1000 of the $1200 goal she is aiming for during the 3-Day Walk for the Cure. She has logged about 200 miles during training for the event, we see her in the mornings walking her basset hound. To donate go to
Lisa is also hosting a "Meet and Greet" coffee for City Council candidate John Karczynski, on Monday, September 29, from 7 to 9 pm. Please RSVP to ( to let her know you are coming and get the address.
And last call for Huell Howser! The episide first aired Friday night, and we already have a huge response, lookie-loos are in the neighborhood taking pictures and pointing, which was the whole point of inviting him out here to promote our A-MAY-ZING Anaheim! Just a reminder we will gather at Linbrook Bowl tonight for the 7 pm airing of the episode, bring some cash for cheap food and drink in the Kopa Room lounge, (they do not take plastic) and maybe afterward we will stick around for some Karaoke. Nope, not enough alcohol in the bar to get me up there, but I'll buy you a drink if you'll do it-I get to pick the song.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gail Eastman for Council

This just in from local community leader Mitch Caldwell:

The effort to first save and then restore the Anaheim Colony HistoricDistrict has been a work in progress for over a quarter century. Theheavy lifting was, and still is, done by Colony residents and businessowners. We have a lot to be proud of:•Stopped the demolition of single family homes.•Downzoned entire neighborhoods to prevent the construction of high-density rental housing next door to our homes.•Worked with developers to bring new construction projects thatcomplement the existing architecture of the Colony. •Assisted in the formation of the Historic Preservation Committeethat, among other things, created a Preservation Plan for the Colonyand brought the Mills Act to Anaheim to encourage restoration effortsof eligible properties by providing property tax relief.There is more, but that is not why I am contacting you. I have goodnews. We have an historic opportunity to elect one of our own to theAnaheim City Council, Gail Eastman. Yes, she is brilliant andknowledgeable. Yes, Gail also understands the problems we face andshe is ready to bring the solutions we need to continue moving theColony and the City forward. The challenge is that she is in for a tough fight. Nine candidatesoppose her. Two are incumbents with big money and influence. If wewant to put one of our own on the Council, someone that gets it, nowis the time. If you care about the Colony and the future of your citythen join us in the fight to get Gail Eastman elected to the AnaheimCity Council. Here is what we can do:•Send money. Whatever you can afford to:The Friends of Gail Eastman330 S. Illinois StreetAnaheim, CA 92805•Walk and knock on doors. We need to fan out across this city andlet every voter know about Gail Eastman. Here's what you do:Be at Gail's campaign headquarters on Saturday, September 20th at 9am. Get instructions and a precinct map and give the Colony and Gailfour hours of your time.Eastman Campaign Headquarters301 N. Anaheim Blvd.Suite CAnaheim, CA 92805With the help of the Anaheim Colony Gail Eastman can become the nextnew member of the Anaheim City Council. See you all on the 20th.Mitch CaldwellP.S.: Questions? Call me at home (714) 774-0346 or my cell at (562)335-2318

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Emergency Shelter to Close!

OK, this is not really an Anaheim item, but it caught my attention and broke my heart, so I will post it here in the hope of helping. Today's Register reports that the Women's Transitional Living Center is going to close if they do not get a quick cash infusion! Because of the geniuses running things in Sacto, they are short by $300,000 in funding they had counted on from the State. Without $97,000 immediately, the shelter will close, and these women and children will be on the streets, or end up back with their abusers. More information can be found at or money can be sent to WTLC PO Box 6103 Orange CA 92863. They will also hold an emergency fundraiser today at 5 pm, Bourbon Street Restaurant, 110 E. Commonwealth, in Fullerton. They are looking for donations of any size, $5 to thousands, or even a loan to keep the doors open. Read the story at

Monday, September 8, 2008

History in Anaheim Colony and Anaheim Hills

October 11 and 12 is going to be a busy weekend for history lovers, both in the flatlands and the hills. In downtown, the Anaheim Historical Society is hosting the 2008 Historic Home Tour. See the website at for details and advance ticket orders! They are also looking for volunteers, anyone who works a half-day's shift gets a FREE ticket to the event. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Annie Kupfrian at (714) 991-0338 or To advertise in the Tour Booklet that is handed out to an estimated 1,000 guests, contact Jennifer Shaffer at

That same weekend, the Santa Ana Canyon Historical Council invites the community to attend the 17th Annual Pioneer Family Picnic from 11 am to 4 pm, Saturday October 11, Yorba Regional Park. Please RSVP to 714-499-7975 or 714-579-7945.

Friday, September 5, 2008

W.A.N.D. Meeting September 10 7 pm

On Wednesday, September 10, 2008, at 7:00 pm, the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council will meet at the Tiger Woods Learning Center. The center is located at One Tiger Woods Way (Gilbert/Crescent)

Get there at 6 pm for a tour of the Tiger Woods Facility. Otherwise the 7 pm meeting includes:

  • Graffiti Initiative Update
  • Police-Code Enforcement Reports
  • High Density Apartments

If you have any questions, please contact Esther Wallace at 1-714-828-5526.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Anaheim City Council Race

I am no political insider, but I do work hard to be informed, and the upcoming November election for Anaheim City Council is likely the most important we have ever had. While I get much of my political news from the Red County blog, they only reviewed Republican candidates, which I think is pretty shortsided considering City Council is a non-partisan office. Now, I have never been called impartial, nor am I shy about sharing my opinions. So this evaluation is just my own take on the upcoming race, and you are free to agree or disagree. I am posting whatever websites I have found, so you can do your own investigation of the candidates. If I do not have a website, it is because I do not know of one, and I am happy to update that info if you send it to me. I also love a good, well reasoned debate, so feel free to post a respectful rebuttal. But be warned, you better have done your homework, we are looking for facts, and flaming is a no-no too. Otherwise, have it, or if you really hate these views, get your own blog.

The candidates for Anaheim City Council 2008, in alphabetical order:

Brian Chuchua: Retired Businessman/CEO, declined to file a candidates’s statement, which in my mind is just plain lazy. How are we supposed to support someone who will not share information about himself?

Gail Eastman: Businesswoman/Planning Commissioner:
See this link for her Candidate Statement
I have made no secret of my support for Gail, so I will not pretend to be fair and balanced here. If you have not met her, check her out. In my opinon Gail Eastman is the most qualified candidate out there. Her support base tends to be more non-partisan than the others, as an independent she is not playing party politics, which I think do not belong in a Council race. Her support base also tends to be people I want to have a drink with at a fund-raiser, and they tend to be passionate about the things I care about. Gail Eastman has my vote for one seat. I am still waffling on my other vote.

Robert Flores: Another candidate that declined to file a Candidate’s Statement. Bobby runs for everything. He wants to be elected to something, and does not seem to care what it is. Maybe it’s a marketing thing for his real estate business?

Lorri Galloway: Of all the candidates, she is the only one I know with a campaign AGAINST her! Rumors have always surrounded her past ethics, and the way she runs the Eli Home has been in question since the beginning. I did some digging around, some of the past rumors did not actually play out when investigated, on the other hand, I have verified some of them with my own research. Not enough space here to get into the lack of judgement of one candidate, email me directly if you want more info, or check out the opposition’s blog at

Again, because it’s my blog and I can say what I want, I openly admit that I have a Lorri Galloway magnet on my fridge, as a daily reminder of how hard we need to work to get her off that dais in November. This chick is bad for the City with a hey-nonny, she needs to go.

John Karczynski: Businessman/Non-Profit Chairman, also heavy vested in the Republican party. Here is his candidate statement:
I have met with John a number of times, I like him, I like his views, I think he has a great vision for the City. Check him out at

Steve Perez: Ballot designation intentially left blank, he lists no occupation, but here is his ballot statement:
From my limited knowledge, Steve Perez is a college student, and while I am excited that young people are getting involved, I have some issues here. My biggest is that he has not done his homework, and has spouted off on issues based on fallacies and urban legend. Next up is his insistence that Disney is too involved in Anaheim, and that they are somehow bad for the City. Again, those who know me know better than to bag on the Resort, it does not fly. On the other hand, he did take my advice and switch from a juvenile MySpace page to develop a real website, at I have offered to meet with him, but he has put me off, so I do not have much to share on him.

Jennifer Rivera:
Ballot Designation intentionally left blank, Declined to File a Candidate’s Statement. A non-player in my book, with the exception of littering the City with annoying and amateurish campaign signs. In the name of fairness, if anyone has info about her I will update this blog with it, but I am not wasting my time chasing her down.

Kostas “Gus Roditis: CEO/Transportation Executive: Candidate Statement He does not appear to have a website, but lists his cell number as 714-423-7137.

Harry Sidhu:
Incumbent Councilmember: Heavily involved in the Republican party, in June he ran for State Senate, losing to Mimi Walters. Here is his Candidate’s Statement
And website
I like Harry, he tends to be very conservative, especially when it comes to spending tax dollars, which is always welcome. On the other hand, the buzz I hear is an underlying anger that if he still had a vision for Anaheim he should not have tried to leave for Sacto. Harry can easily finance a campaign, and I hope it is enough to win over those who are miffed with him for treating his Anaheim seat like a fallback position. Me, I could live with 4 more years of Harry.

Faiz Zuberi: Realtor, Declined to file a Candidate Statement. Ran for City Council in 2004, came in dead last.

This will be a tough race. Three viable candidates, Eastman, Karczynski, Sidhu, and two seats. In the end it will likely come down to who Mayor Curt Pringle gets behind, and right now he’s not saying. However, he has resurrected his old PAC, with a fundraiser on September 23 at House of Blues. Jubal at Red County reports on it at

So, the whole shooting match is up in the air for now. All I can say is do your homework, and if you have information or a contact for a candidate I missed here, let me know.