Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Urbanism comes to Anaheim

On March 13, Mayor Curt Pringle and the BIA are hosting a conference on Land Use and Planning, titled, "Restoring Community"

I have been a New Urbanism junkie for years, so I will be in attendance, already having promised Richard I will not have Andres Duany sign a body part, but it will take all of my control to do so. If ever Anaheim needed CNU, it is NOW! Land use, planning, zoning, it all goes hand in hand to create cohesive neighborhoods, districts, and communities, something our City Council, and often City staff, just do not get. While "freedom friendly" has its place, this planning-parcel-by-parcel-depending-on-who-gave-the-last-campaign-donation is going to destroy Anaheim. Thank you Mayor Pringle for bringing this to Anaheim, now can we tie up the rest of the City Council and force them to listen to Randy Jackson? Will Galloway even attend? It will be a different experience for her to enter the Resort without a bullhorn and an army of union rabble to rile up, but here's hoping she attends, and maybe even learns a thing or two about what makes a comunity great. Hint: It's not subsidies.

For more info on this subject, check out or check some of the following books at Amazon:

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