Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Historian Declared Historic

With the possible exception of Jim Sleeper, nobody knows Orange County history like Phil Brigandi. So when Phil turned 50 on Sunday, a few of us "history nerds" figured a celebration was in order. According to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, a building, structure or object must be at least 50 years old in order to be recognized, and "plaqued". Phil having now met the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, we are seen here "Plaquing" him as historically significant, during lunch at the Blue Bayou, inside Pirates of the Caribean, during a group visit to the "Happiest Place on Earth". (He was not amused). The Disney trip was particularly appropriate, as Phil's father was a cast member at the time of his birth. Phil's brth certificate actually lists his Dad's occupation as "ride operator" and industry as "Disneyland". How many people have Disneyland on their birth certificates?!

Chris Jepsen, with aid from many, created some fabulous folded booklets on the life and times of Phil Brigandi, entitled, "The Phirst Phifty Years: A Phun Philled Phamplet Phor Phriends of Phil Brigandi". Phil was serving on historic Boards by the age of 18, and at age 50 he has published some 20 books. Jim Sleeper offered a list of the next 12:
"The First 50 Are the Toughest"
"Slow Times at Orange High"
"I Never Danced All Night"
"Baden Powell Made a Man Out of Me"
"Lone Wolf Howling"
"College Days:Dusting Off History"
"What Else Rhymes With Orange?"
"I Left My Heart In Borrego Valley"
"No Brown Soda Pop"
"She's Out There, Somewhere"
"Barkus Is Willing"
"Te Amo!!!"

For those Phil Phans unable to attend the celebration, you may wish him a Happy Belated Birthday on July 11, as Phil will be the guest speaker at the Anaheim Historical Society Annual Banquet. RSVP to me at Cynthia_Ward@sbcglobal.net or 714-292-0042 for details.


Chris Jepsen said...

He was not amused?

colony rabble said...

Hard to read him, but I do not think he got the kick out of it that we anticipated....hope it did not offend. OK, it needed to offend at least a LITTLE, or what is the point?