Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome Back George Kalogridis

In the wake of Ed Grier's retirement from Disney, we locals have been wondering who would be brought in to head the House of Mouse. "Mickey" announced today that George Kalogridis will be returning to Anaheim, as President of the Disneyland Resort. The 38-year Disney veteran has been at Disneyland Paris for the last 3 years. where he was responsible for the 2 theme parks, 7 hotels, and Disney Village. Prior to Paris he had worked here in Anaheim, opening Disney's California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. Kalogridis started out as a busboy in 1971, and worked his way up. Someone needs to point that out to Ada Briseno, because Disney is only a dead-end job if you make it one. Work hard, get an education, and Disney can be a great career move. Or, you can dress up in a mouse suit and get arrested in front of the press. Your choice. Welcome George, and good luck finishing the DCA expansion, we are all rooting for you.

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