Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Council Recap

I finally got a break from the hospital, and got to watch the City Council meeting on the internet. Dear God, do we really have to listen to 4 more years of that nasally, petulant whine?

Anyway, the deal with SADI did not address any of the details of the affordable housing project; it merely allowed Lisa Stipkovitch to continue to negotiate the details, which is fair. But this is one I will be watching in the future.

It was highly appropriate that City Council honored the CERT class last night, as they were put to the test during this firestorm. Sadly, Fitzgerald of Anaheim HOME went on a rant about how cowardly some of the off duty firemen were to not come to work, and Mayor Pringle had to point out that many of them live in other communities and could not get in on the freeways. I guess nobody caught the irony of the fact that many of our Police, Fire, and City office Staff do choose to live elsewhere. Why is that? Hats off to our Police Chief for actually living in the City he serves, and he and his wife are very involved in community activities, which is greatly appreciated. I see them at all kinds of events, where I do not see other Department heads, because many of them are sitting on the freeway after 5 pm, heading for their south county homes. Seems like folks should be proud enough of the work they are doing to live close to the decisions they make. But that is just me.

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