Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun Stuff in Anaheim Tonight!

Having a much more positive afternoon after lunch with a friend. Amazing how one's outlook can change with just one afternoon not devoted to oncology. Thanks Chris.

And looking for the positive, we have multiple opportunities for great stuff to do in Anaheim tonight. Stephanie Hales Panlillio and her Trucor team invite us all to an Open House to review the completion of her new projects from 4:30 to 6:30 today. The homes are located at:

1231 W. Center
12225 W. Center
1219 W. Center

Some are relocations, and I believe one is new construction to reflect the surrounding Five Points neighborhood. While there, stop to admire Bill Taormina's new/old Five Points Flatiron building, soon to be a Ruby's Restaurant! The big pergola thing in the parking lot will shelter car hops and classic car shows! Also if you are there take note of the unfortunate tagging, and get the contact info for the new grafitti program Bill wants to start. One of these days I will have my camera ready and get a photo to post here.

Then stop by Farmer's Market on Center Street Promenade to enjoy their new hours, and grab some good eats to take to the Colony Potluck. This month it is at the Garner's home, the turn of the century Grim House, at 194 N. Vintage Lane. The team of sisters buys distressed historic homes, returns them to their former glory, and then sets them free on a new life with new owners. God bless them, this is about their 5th or 6th rehab in the Colony, and the place is going to be amazing when they are done. A fun group, I recommend attending. Just bring a dish to share, and your favorite beverage, at 7pm, and no you do not have to live in the Colony to attend.

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