Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleeping Beauty and Christmas

Today's image (courtesy of Google images) shows the Sleeping Beauty's castle under construction, prior to opening of Disneyland. The Mouse recently announced they have re-opened the Castle aftrer retooling the interior scenes to reflect the original imagery of the movie. They have also included an "accessible experience" which allows visitors to enjoy the scenes without climbing the flights of stairs. I look forward to seeing it opened again while visiting my favorite place prior to "Candlelight". For those who did not get that coveted invite, there is always the Nutcracker Tree Lighting at Downtown's Center Street Promenade on Saturday afternnon/evening, with snow trucked in againt this year, and the Anaheim Arts Council is again hosting art projects for the kids. I highly recommend the event, it is a great neighborhood kind of experience, and it is FREE.

A piece of trivia I just read today, apparently of all of Walt's princesses that could have been chosen for a castle depiction, Sleeping Beauty was the movie in production at the time, and therefore the blonde got the castle. So for those who think Disney's shameless marketing is new, Walt was doing it early on, and God bless him for it, today that shameless marketing pays for those wonderful firemen who worked their tails off last week. Fitzgerald and Anaheim HOME be buggered, I love the Mouse.


Chris Jepsen said...

Kudos to Chris Merritt, project leader for the new walk-through. He and the other Imagineers on this project definitely went above and beyond.

colony rabble said...

Have you seen it?! I am aching to get in there, that was always one of my favorite attractions.

Chris Jepsen said...

I haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it.