Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Came Early!

For those who have been praying for My Mother In Law, thank you. After nearly losing her this weekend she rallied and seems to be out of the woods. Thanks to a procedure Saturday morning they were able to reinflate her collapsed lungs, and since she was breathing on her own they could take her off the meds that left her essentially incompetent. Now even her digestive system is kicking in, she is sitting up and running the world from her hospital bed! If she can stay healthy and continue to heal, the oncologist can start low doses of chemo next week and begin beating back the cancer. So we have a race for time, get her better enough to fight the cancer before the side effects of the cancer take her under again. So please keep praying, but for now we are all breathing, including Mom, and that is a miracle! I for one am VERY ready for Thanksgiving, much, much, much to be thankful for!

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walterworld said...

Glad to hear your Mother-In-Law is doing better...God must have a few things left for her to do :)

I enjoy your blog...

Take care!