Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fab Four, Lisa Zaradich, Last Chance for Huell

Last night dear sweet patient husband and I went to the Fab Four concert at Pearson Park. What a great time! Even though they have played Anaheim before, we did not get a chance to go. So very glad we got tickets for the SOLD OUT concert. The band was great, and it was a special treat to enjoy them in an intimate setting like the historic Greek Amphitheatre in our own Pearson Park. An absolute MUST for next year, get your tickets early and avoid being one of the dissapointed fans begging for tickets out front.
The Colony's Lisa Zaradich reports that she has raised about $1000 of the $1200 goal she is aiming for during the 3-Day Walk for the Cure. She has logged about 200 miles during training for the event, we see her in the mornings walking her basset hound. To donate go to
Lisa is also hosting a "Meet and Greet" coffee for City Council candidate John Karczynski, on Monday, September 29, from 7 to 9 pm. Please RSVP to ( to let her know you are coming and get the address.
And last call for Huell Howser! The episide first aired Friday night, and we already have a huge response, lookie-loos are in the neighborhood taking pictures and pointing, which was the whole point of inviting him out here to promote our A-MAY-ZING Anaheim! Just a reminder we will gather at Linbrook Bowl tonight for the 7 pm airing of the episode, bring some cash for cheap food and drink in the Kopa Room lounge, (they do not take plastic) and maybe afterward we will stick around for some Karaoke. Nope, not enough alcohol in the bar to get me up there, but I'll buy you a drink if you'll do it-I get to pick the song.

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