Monday, September 15, 2008

Huell Howser's Anaheim

Did you get here from one of the websites shown on Huell Howser? For more information on the Anaheim Historical Society, see the website at This blog is my personal take on my beloved hometown, the views here are mine and mine alone, do not represent those of any non-profit I may be involved with. So please do not get upset with them if you read down to my politics below.

Looking for more Anaheim? Click on the graphic to your left, it is a basic map of historic Anaheim locations that you might use for a tour of the area. It does not cover all three of our historic districts, but it will get you started.

For the ultimate historic Anaheim experience, come to the Anaheim Historical Society’s 2008 Historic Home Tour on October 11 and 12 from 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets are $20 per person, $15 for Anaheim Historical Society members. The ticket center is at Center Street Promenade, where Meghan Shigo hosts her Vintage Marketplace, a street fair of historic preservation vendors, local artists, and non-profit groups. The Home Tour features seven homes including Victorian, bungalows, Mediterranean, and a Pacific Ready Cut kit home! The tour even includes a hard-hat house in process of being restored by two sisters. Get your tickets by downloading the flyer and ticket order form at

If you want to check out the “downtown Anaheim” area seen on the show, you can look for events like street concerts, Farmer’s Market hours, etc. at and check out what is happening at our world-class museum at If you want to do some local history research in the Local History Reading Room, check Jane Newell and her amazing staff can take good care of you there! If you want to do research on Orange County in general, go visit my friends at the Orange County Archives, We will be forever grateful to Anaheim resident and former Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly for reopening the Archives after they were in mothballs for so long!

If you fall in love with the area and decide you would like to live here, we have several local Realtors who can hook you up with a great deal on a vintage home. You met local Realtor and potluck maven Meghan Shigo on the show. Check out the vintage homes she has to offer at Or visit Barbara Gonzalez at Barbara does speak Spanish if that is more comfortable for you. Both of these ladies know all there is to know about living in the Colony, and their specialty is vintage homes.

Love the idea of living in the historic district but think that fixing up an old house is not for you? Our new construction is amazing, and right in the heart of the action. For the live-work lofts seen in Huell’s program, check them out at there are also some rental units in the downtown area, come visit and tour the models. The rentals have been home to the US Volleyball team, while they train in Anaheim! Another great new for-sale development in the area is Colony Park, at

Of course there is the Linbrook Bowling Center, which the Anaheim Historical Society recently recognized as Historically Significant as a Googie style landmark. For more info on Googie architecture, see Chris Jepsen’s and for more on Orange County history in general, I never start my day without checking out Chris’s blog at

I hope you enjoyed the show, it was a delight to work with Huell Howser, and yes, he really is that nice in person! The entire point of doing the show was to tell the world what a great town Anaheim really is, if you need any more information, I am happy to help at

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