Friday, September 12, 2008

Gail Eastman for Council

This just in from local community leader Mitch Caldwell:

The effort to first save and then restore the Anaheim Colony HistoricDistrict has been a work in progress for over a quarter century. Theheavy lifting was, and still is, done by Colony residents and businessowners. We have a lot to be proud of:•Stopped the demolition of single family homes.•Downzoned entire neighborhoods to prevent the construction of high-density rental housing next door to our homes.•Worked with developers to bring new construction projects thatcomplement the existing architecture of the Colony. •Assisted in the formation of the Historic Preservation Committeethat, among other things, created a Preservation Plan for the Colonyand brought the Mills Act to Anaheim to encourage restoration effortsof eligible properties by providing property tax relief.There is more, but that is not why I am contacting you. I have goodnews. We have an historic opportunity to elect one of our own to theAnaheim City Council, Gail Eastman. Yes, she is brilliant andknowledgeable. Yes, Gail also understands the problems we face andshe is ready to bring the solutions we need to continue moving theColony and the City forward. The challenge is that she is in for a tough fight. Nine candidatesoppose her. Two are incumbents with big money and influence. If wewant to put one of our own on the Council, someone that gets it, nowis the time. If you care about the Colony and the future of your citythen join us in the fight to get Gail Eastman elected to the AnaheimCity Council. Here is what we can do:•Send money. Whatever you can afford to:The Friends of Gail Eastman330 S. Illinois StreetAnaheim, CA 92805•Walk and knock on doors. We need to fan out across this city andlet every voter know about Gail Eastman. Here's what you do:Be at Gail's campaign headquarters on Saturday, September 20th at 9am. Get instructions and a precinct map and give the Colony and Gailfour hours of your time.Eastman Campaign Headquarters301 N. Anaheim Blvd.Suite CAnaheim, CA 92805With the help of the Anaheim Colony Gail Eastman can become the nextnew member of the Anaheim City Council. See you all on the 20th.Mitch CaldwellP.S.: Questions? Call me at home (714) 774-0346 or my cell at (562)335-2318

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