Monday, September 8, 2008

History in Anaheim Colony and Anaheim Hills

October 11 and 12 is going to be a busy weekend for history lovers, both in the flatlands and the hills. In downtown, the Anaheim Historical Society is hosting the 2008 Historic Home Tour. See the website at for details and advance ticket orders! They are also looking for volunteers, anyone who works a half-day's shift gets a FREE ticket to the event. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Annie Kupfrian at (714) 991-0338 or To advertise in the Tour Booklet that is handed out to an estimated 1,000 guests, contact Jennifer Shaffer at

That same weekend, the Santa Ana Canyon Historical Council invites the community to attend the 17th Annual Pioneer Family Picnic from 11 am to 4 pm, Saturday October 11, Yorba Regional Park. Please RSVP to 714-499-7975 or 714-579-7945.


Chris Jepsen said...

Looking forward to the tour!

colony rabble said...

And what shift can I sign you up for? Oh wait,....this year you get free tickets for working a double shift last time! This is going to be an awesome tour, the homes are amazing!