Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Emergency Shelter to Close!

OK, this is not really an Anaheim item, but it caught my attention and broke my heart, so I will post it here in the hope of helping. Today's Register reports that the Women's Transitional Living Center is going to close if they do not get a quick cash infusion! Because of the geniuses running things in Sacto, they are short by $300,000 in funding they had counted on from the State. Without $97,000 immediately, the shelter will close, and these women and children will be on the streets, or end up back with their abusers. More information can be found at or money can be sent to WTLC PO Box 6103 Orange CA 92863. They will also hold an emergency fundraiser today at 5 pm, Bourbon Street Restaurant, 110 E. Commonwealth, in Fullerton. They are looking for donations of any size, $5 to thousands, or even a loan to keep the doors open. Read the story at

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