Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Aye mateys! It be me favorite day of all days today! International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Get yer parrot outta the footlocker and practice yer RRRRs. We know ye have that hint o scoundrel in ye, let it run free today! For extra fun, practice yer piraticalness in the course of yer day. Make that trip to Whole Foods a bit more interestin', ye not be shoppin fer organics today, ye be layin in supplies fer the galley, vittles fer the trip to Tortuga. Don't ferget the rum, me mateys!

Ye olde image o the day is Anaheim Landing, (now Seal Beach) where our vineyardist forefathers landed their swag. To me knowledge thar be no pirate activity thar, but it be water so we’ll use it. Fer help in gettin' yer pirate on, see the websites:

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ItsNotAPlace said...

HA! We discovered talk like a pirate day last year and it has become a funny thing at the office since.